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Elena Gallenti (Livia De Paolis) is an anthropology graduate student struggling to complete her thesis on 'modern means of communication.' All that changes when she meets her new boyfriend's (Michael Cristofer) teenage kids (Miles Chandler and Diane Guerrero), who are going through their own journeys of self-discovery. Through these relationships and the help of her PHD advisor (Carol Kane), Elena comes to a better understanding of how to navigate love and intimacy in the digital age. Ultimately they develop a bond that strikes a balance between the old world and the new, and everyone's longing to find true emotional sense in both.


Travelling through an otherworldly land a young man (RW Smith) and his girlfriend (Livia De Paolis) run into a strange character (David Steen) who makes them look at fear, love, sex and death as otherworldy experiences.